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Treatments for body


This massage is a kind of treatment not only improving in a visible way skin’s appearance and condition, but also giving us energy and providing a good mood. Flecks which appear in peeling cause that external layer of epidermis begins to peel. They also improve blood transfer through the skin. Owing to that fact, the skin after such treatment is deeply purified, moisturized in the most optimal way, oily and soft. During this treatment there is massage using peeling. Afterwards, peeling is cleaned and then body is moisturized by special lotion.

It perfectly moisturizes, rebuilds and saves epidermis. It is ideal solution for people with the dry skin, which lost its elasticity and resilience. What is more, intensive aroma of a mellow watermelon brings in deep relaxation.

Not only does a coconut possess moisturizing features, but also it works in regenerating and firming way for skin. It is an excellent treatment to get rid of cellulite and make skin smooth. Coconut peeling helps to reduce stress and regain harmony.

This peeling is perfect for the mature skin, which have lost its elasticity. The treatment using such peeling has anti-cellulite and anti-free radical effect. Skin after this type of massage becomes elastic, firm and smooth.

Peelings, produced basing on The Dead Sea salt and natural oils and ethereal oils have therapeutic effects in ailments like: cellulite, stretch marks, acne, psoriasis. Skin after salt peeling becomes firm, elastic and smooth. Salt from The Dead Sea provides our organism many minerals and trace elements. Natural oils give ideal slide during treatment and the skin stays delicately oily. Ethereal oils are responsible for a beautiful fragrance which is smelt long after the treatment. There are scents: vanilla& patchouli& lavender, musk, apple& lavender.

All peelings
Time: 60 minutes    
Price: 140 PLN    

This is care treatment for body using cosmetics having intensive and tempting smell of watermelon. This treatment intensively moisturizes skin and also reduces cellulite. Additionally, it leads to deep regeneration of skin which looks healthy and shiny after that. Our body becomes purified and nourished. This treatment provides us relaxation which removes bad mood connected with stress and tiredness. “Juicy Temptation” is advised especially for people suffering from dry, contaminated, deficient in oxygen skin, which lacks in elasticity. The first step of treatment is to purify body and make pleasant massage using peeling. Next, after washing peeling, watermelon gel masque is put and the body is wrapped with a foil. Finally, after washing the masque, skin is moisturized by lotion.

Care treatment “Red Wine” is an excellent offer for mature skin, tired, without elasticity. Natural polyphenols which appear in red wine extract are antioxidants, they stop the process of ageing the skin. Moreover, the treatment fights against cellulite and reduces the amount of fat. After this treatment our skin becomes soft like velvet, firm and young. “Red Wine” allows everyone to relax after tiring day and forget about the whole world. The first step of the treatment is to purify deeply our skin, what is joined together with the pleasant massage using peeling. As a result, our skin is prepared for taking active substances. Next, the masque of red wine is put and our body is wrapped with a foil. In the end, after washing the masque, skin is moisturized by lotion.

Body treatments
Time: 90 minutes Price: 220 PLN

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Excellent value. Very good professional approach. Massage was thorough and firm, learning a very relaxed feeling at the end of it.
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