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Relaxing massage


Massage with hot stones is made by natural volcanic basaltic stones. This treatment is deeply relaxing and pleasant because of using a natural stone which has excellent heat transfer. Relaxing effect appears just after the treatment and stays long after its end. This massage helps to find internal harmony and calmness by reducing stress which has bad influence on a human body. In addition, this treatment increases cell metabolism, accelerates toxins expulsion from body, reduces pain of strained muscles and decreases infections.

Time: 30 minutes Time: 60 minutes Time: 90 minutes
Price: 80 PLN Price: 140 PLN    Price: 220 PLN


Abhyanga massage is one ingredient of holistic system of natural medicine. In this massage a heated natural sesame oil is used. This substance is renowned of its treating features. It helps in purifying body from toxins, has regenerating effect and improves skin appearance. Moreover, warm oil, used during this massage, makes you feel deeply relaxed, it allows to gain full body harmony by normalizing work of all internal organs. Abhyanga massage’s aim is to get back right energy transfer in body and revitalization of organism. 

Time: 30 minutes Time: 60 minutes Time: 90 minutes
Price: 80 PLN Price: 140 PLN    Price: 220 PLN


Massage which uses chocolate is the treatment improving mood, as during this massage endorphins, responsible for feelings of pleasure, are produced in organism. This massage has also very good influence on our skin. It makes skin smooth due to caffeine and teobromine which are present in chocolate. They help to reduce cellulite. Additionally, chocolate treatment moisturizes skin because of natural oils which appear in the chocolate mixture. The mixture is prepared while the patient comes to our studio.

  Time: 60 minutes Time: 90 minutes
  Price: 140 PLN    Price: 220 PLN

It is possible to order chocolate body wrapping. We put chocolate on body, we wrap the massaged person with a special foil for about 20-30 minutes for better results of massage.

Time of whole treatment: 90 minutes Price: 150 PLN


It is the next massage which uses natural substances. This time it is honey, possessing many medical properties. During the massage we take advantage of positive features of honey, for instance: purifying body from toxins, enforcing blood vessels or improving blood circulation. This product also relieves tension, helps to reduce cellulite and cleanses skin. This kind of massage is suitable to eliminate pain of back, muscles’ stiffness, cold and acne on back. Surely after this treatment the skin becomes smooth, relaxed and healthy.

  Time: 60 minutes Time: 90 minutes
  Price: 140 PLN     Price: 220 PLN

We can make honey body wrapping treatment or after application of honey on a person's body wrapped boxed with a special film for about 20-30 minutes in order to increase the effect of massage.

Time of whole treatment: about 90 minutes

Price: 150 PLN


For body and soul we offer the aromatic massage with a candle, which is in 100 % made by natural ingredients, such as Shea butter and The Dead Sea minerals. A melt natural wax, rubbed in skin, makes it moisturize and regenerate. The skin is smooth and soft after this treatment. Relaxing heat of oil with special massage techniques cause tiredness and a bad mood reduction. We use three scents of candles during this massage: orange; apple& lavender and vanilla& patchouli& lavender.


Time: 30 minutes Time: 60 minutes Time: 90 minutes
Price: 80 PLN Price: 140 PLN    Price: 220 PLN


Double pleasure, double relaxation, two times more energy.

Four hands massage is performed by two masseurs simultaneously, and it is based on a relaxation and classic massage. Masseurs, by combining different techniques, give the treatment a unique character and sensations that cannot be experienced while being massaged by one masseur. The masseurs proceed with synchronous and harmonious moves, according to the rhythm of relaxing music. Four hands massage has a very positive influence on the lymph flow, relieves stress, and painlessly removes tension from muscles and joints. The touch of massaging hands causes extremely positive emotions, puts us at ease and makes us feel relaxed.

  Time: 60 minutes Time: 90 minutes
  Price: 200 PLN     Price: 300 PLN


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