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    Do you annoy you back pain, neck, hands?
    Do you have tired legs prolonged standing or walking?
    Visit us! We will help you!
    Do you still feel fatigue, stress and tension?
    Choose one from relaxing massages and give a moment of pleasure to your body and soul, and improve your mood.

Massage Krakow

Welcome! We invite you to introduce our offer.


In this studio everyone can find something special for themselves. You can find different treatment in our offer:

-medical, which help to relieve your pain and improve your health condition,
-relaxing, which make you escape from stress and feel relaxed in a positive mood,
-care, which have purifying and regenerating influence on the skin of your body.

Each treatment is made in a careful and professional way in nice and pleasant atmosphere with good quality cosmetics.


Read and decide what interests you
Clasical medical massage
Traditional massage is one of the most popular massage used to treat pain.
Relaxing massage
This massage relaxes the tense and tired muscles, making you feel a moment of relaxation.
Anty-cellulite massage
Are you planning to get rid of cellulite? Our massages will help you with that!
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Excellent value. Very good professional approach. Massage was thorough and firm, learning a very relaxed feeling at the end of it.
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